The Teachers of Bihar Azad Contribution Excellence Award (ACEA) is a prestigious recognition established to honor and celebrate the outstanding contributions of educators in the state of Bihar, India. This award aims to acknowledge and commend teachers who have made significant and transformative contributions to the field of education, benefiting students, schools, and communities through Teachers of Bihar professional learning community. This award is named in memory of ToB Azad, a visionary leader and philanthropist known for his unwavering commitment to excellence and positive change. The primary objective of the ToB Azad Contribution Excellence Award is to acknowledge and promote excellence in various spheres of human endeavor. It aims to recognize and reward individuals whose outstanding contributions have had a profound and positive impact on their respective domains and have inspired others to follow in their footsteps.


Award Categories:

Education Leadership: This category acknowledges educators who have played a crucial role in ‘Teachers of Bihar’ as Team Leader/Moderator/ District Mentor/Block Mentor who have gone above and beyond to positively impact their local communities through their educational work and initiatives. This category honors teachers who have introduced and implemented innovative teaching methods, tools, or technologies to enhance the learning experience. This award is dedicated to Teachers who have not only excelled in the classroom but have also made a substantial impact on the social and community development through their educational initiatives through ToB community.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Teachers must be currently working as Team Leader/Moderator/ District Mentor/Block Mentor teachers in Teachers of Bihar community.
  • Nominators should provide a comprehensive overview of the nominee's contributions, along with supporting evidence.
  • Inspirational Influence: The nominee's work should have inspired and influenced others positively.
  • Sustained Commitment: The nominee should have shown dedication and continuous involvement in their chosen field or cause over an extended period.


Nomination and Selection Process:

  • Nominations can be submitted by filling out the official ACEA nomination form
  • Nominations are typically reviewed by an independent selection committee comprised of experts and distinguished individuals.
  • A selection committee, consisting of respected education experts and community leaders, will evaluate the nominations based on the criteria for award category.
  • Nominations will be reviewed, and finalists will be selected and displayed on


Award Ceremony:

The annual ACEA ceremony is a prestigious event that gathers nominees, nominators, distinguished guests, and members of the Teachers of Bihar Team.  The award ceremony typically features speeches, presentations, and the announcement of award recipients on 11th November 2023 at 7:00 PM on ToB Facebook LIVE.



Award Benefits:

The ACEA recipients will be featured in various media channels, and their achievements are widely promoted to inspire others. The Teachers of Bihar also encourages the winners to continue their work and provides networking opportunities to connect them with potential collaborators and supporters.

The Teachers of Bihar Azad Contribution Excellence Award recipients will receive the following:

A certificate of recognition.

An opportunity to participate in educational conferences and seminars.

Public recognition and media coverage of their accomplishments.


Important Dates:

Nominations Open: 09.11.2023

Nominations Close: 10.11.2023

Finalists Announcement: 11.11.2023

Awards Ceremony: 11.11.2023 7 PM

Download Certificate:


These regulations are subject to periodic review and may be amended as necessary to enhance the effectiveness and relevance of the Teachers of Bihar ACEA. Any amendments will be made with the approval of the award committee and relevant authorities.


The Teachers of Bihar Azad Contribution Excellence Award aims to foster a culture of excellence in education and to celebrate the dedicated educators who shape the future of Bihar through their outstanding contributions. By honoring these teachers, we hope to inspire and encourage others in the field of education to strive for excellence and make a lasting impact on the lives of students and their communities.