About Teachers of Bihar

Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher. -Maggie Gallaher

A good teacher is a rare gem; and Bihar, the land of Buddha, is a treasure trove of such gems. However, their inspiring contributions remain limited to themselves. Instead, a simple web search about teachers of Bihar throws up a panoply of embarrassing news-items. The good lies buried under a pile of bad headlines. This must change. The good must well up above the bad. The nice guys must nish rst. With this idea in mind, this web portal has been conceived. It is a portal of the teachers, by the teachers and for the teachers of Bihar.

The layout of the portal, inter alia, includes a social media interface for the teachers, an online platform to share innovations and best practices, a content repository along with relevant links, a section for interesting periodical activities, an audio-video library of e- contents, a menu of educational songs and campaigns, a resource pool of motivated teachers and links to relevant web sites.

The social media interface primarily consists of a Facebook group and a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, an Instagram page and a Twitter handle. The teachers, the pedagogues and other stakeholders are encouraged to watch, contribute, comment and criticize on the contents and progress of the portal.

The internet is strewn with a jumble of contents and the users are spoilt for choice. While some of the best materials may lie camouflaged in a sea of mediocre videos, the time-wasting ones usually pop up at the top. Our portal seeks to house authentic contents on school curriculum along with links to audio-visual contents having proven users satisfaction. The portal offers a dedicated page for various educational activities like Mastikipathshala (campus of fun) having children activities of learning as fun, Shikshakgatha ( Teacher's saga) with teacher's innovations and best practices, Vidyalaygatha ( School saga) with worthy interventions by schools, Book of the month, App of the month, Survey of the month, Chalokuchbanaye (Let us make something) to infuse creativity and Chetna satra (Morning assembly).

Bihar, in past, has done some exemplary work not only in creating academic content but also in creating credible mass campaigns for literacy and education. Our arcadia is abuzz with dramatic sound bites, stirring marching tunes, soulful motivational songs and pious morning prayers. We attempt to compile all of them in one of our sections and invite our friends to contribute their treasures too.

The internet is a veritable maze navigating which is a time-consuming criss-cross journey. To bring some ease to the teachers and to the educational administrators, we have attempted to provide links to important educational websites like NCERT, SCERT, NIEPA, BEPC, NROER, U-DISE, NAS, ePATHSHALA, SWAYAM PORTAL, SWAKSH VIDYALAY, NIOS, D.EL.ED, UNICEF etc.

This portal intends to be a social media interactive page for the academically oriented teachers and individuals, a knowledge-sharing platform, a thought-catalyst, a stage for recognizing and appreciating good work and good workers, a congregation of Gurus, a bulletin board and a link to all important links. We understand that appreciation is the best motivator. Charles Dickens famously wrote, “The more praise I get, the more I try to deserve”. We seek to motivate our brethren and get best results from them in a spiralling cycle of recognition and appreciation. This portal is a crucible of ideas, a show-case of actions, a shelf of e-content, a theatre of activities, a box of suggestions and a pool of motivated competence--- all rolled into one. We have attempted to do all these with the help of a team of dedicated teachers. We seek to categorize and collate, arrange and embellish, enlarge and improve, grow and glow through the help of a resource pool of teachers. While we dedicate a section to the motivated teachers, our comrade in arms, we invite one and all to be part of a humble journey towards light and hope. While we think and articulate, while we punch a keypad and drag a cursor, while we flip through the dusty pages of forgotten notes and while we scour the internet, the opening Sanskrit couplet of Goswami Tulsidas in Ram CharitManas comes to our mind-


[After scouring and gleaning through many Holy Scriptures, and as described in Ramayana, Tulsidas, for the pleasure of his own soul, writes the saga of Lord Rama in a heartening language.] With these sagacious words, we give this portal to ourselves. We start this ambitious trek with a humble heart. May the humble hearts scale the highest peaks.